From black pepper to fenugreek seeds, it seems like people are embracing a more holistic way of treating their bodies better. But where should you start? Today we’ll discuss the 7 spices that could help you potentially live a longer and healthier life (like coriander seed).

Give coriander seed, organic turmeric powder and black pepper a shot!

Coriander seed is beneficial in a few different ways. It has been said to help decrease anxiety, help people get better sleep and also naturally helps to regulate both Type 2 diabetes and blood pressure. Well known in Indian cuisine, the best way to add coriander seed to your diet is in salad dressings and chili sauces, as well as traditional Indian dishes. Another Indian spice to consider adding is organic turmeric powder. This yellow spice is the main component of curry powder and has been used for centuries for its cancer fighting and anti-inflammatory properties. Use it paired with coriander seed and black pepper (which has been said to help fight osteoporosis and helps create new red blood cells) in Indian dishes or just sprinkled on your favorite grilled vegetables and roast for a few minutes in a hot oven.

Cinnamon and cardamom, great together or separately!

Like coriander seed, cinnamon has been proven to naturally lower blood sugars in Type 2 diabetics as well as tasting great doing it! As this is a natural blood sugar lowering agent, make sure not to pair it with anything that has too much sugar. Instead, sprinkle it on some oatmeal or eat it with some toast.  It also pairs great with cardamom in chai tea, which you can do without adding too much sugar. Cardamom helps with stomach cramps, gas pains and can help significantly with gallstones and the issues that come with them. Use it in baked good, steep it in tea or use it in any number of traditional Indian dishes.

Cloves and ginger, better than peanut butter and jelly!

Another traditional spice like black pepper, cloves has been used for decades to help with tooth pain and also is a natural sugar regulator (like coriander seed and cinnamon). You can include it with your cardamom in chai tea for a little boost at the end of a long day – and it tastes and smells great! One final spice to add to your repertoire is ginger. Ginger can do almost anything! It can help with nausea (related to both motion and morning sickness), is a natural anti-inflammatory (like organic turmeric powder), and has also been said to help fight cancer. Eat it raw, steep it in hot tea or cut it up in your stir fry.

Many people have starting turning away from traditional pharmaceutical medications to help cure their diabetes, high blood pressure and even cancer. During the search for homeopathic remedies, spices like organic turmeric powder, black pepper and ginger keep showing up as natural and amazingly helpful home remedies as well as tasting great! Visit: