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7 Spices That Could Help You Live Longer


From black pepper to fenugreek seeds, it seems like people are embracing a more holistic way of treating their bodies better. But where should you start? Today we’ll discuss the 7 spices that could help you potentially live a longer and healthier life (like coriander seed).

Give coriander seed, organic turmeric powder and black pepper a shot!

Coriander seed is beneficial in a few different ways. It has been said to help decrease anxiety, help people get better sleep and also naturally helps to regulate both Type 2 diabetes and blood pressure. Well known in Indian cuisine, the best way to add coriander seed to your diet is in salad dressings and chili sauces, as well as traditional Indian dishes. Another Indian spice to consider adding is organic turmeric powder. This yellow spice is the main component of curry powder and has been used for centuries for its cancer fighting and anti-inflammatory properties. Use it paired with coriander seed and black pepper (which has been said to help fight osteoporosis and helps create new red blood cells) in Indian dishes or just sprinkled on your favorite grilled vegetables and roast for a few minutes in a hot oven.

Cinnamon and cardamom, great together or separately!

Like coriander seed, cinnamon has been proven to naturally lower blood sugars in Type 2 diabetics as well as tasting great doing it! As this is a natural blood sugar lowering agent, make sure not to pair it with anything that has too much sugar. Instead, sprinkle it on some oatmeal or eat it with some toast.  It also pairs great with cardamom in chai tea, which you can do without adding too much sugar. Cardamom helps with stomach cramps, gas pains and can help significantly with gallstones and the issues that come with them. Use it in baked good, steep it in tea or use it in any number of traditional Indian dishes.

Cloves and ginger, better than peanut butter and jelly!

Another traditional spice like black pepper, cloves has been used for decades to help with tooth pain and also is a natural sugar regulator (like coriander seed and cinnamon). You can include it with your cardamom in chai tea for a little boost at the end of a long day – and it tastes and smells great! One final spice to add to your repertoire is ginger. Ginger can do almost anything! It can help with nausea (related to both motion and morning sickness), is a natural anti-inflammatory (like organic turmeric powder), and has also been said to help fight cancer. Eat it raw, steep it in hot tea or cut it up in your stir fry.

Many people have starting turning away from traditional pharmaceutical medications to help cure their diabetes, high blood pressure and even cancer. During the search for homeopathic remedies, spices like organic turmeric powder, black pepper and ginger keep showing up as natural and amazingly helpful home remedies as well as tasting great! Visit:

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Three Ingredients, One Indian Recipe – Mustard, Cumin, and Curry


Cumin seeds are amongst the many ingredients used in Indian cuisine. Cumin can be sharp and very appealing but when you’re preparing a meal and require specific items, you can find often a lot of is left over. However, those ingredients remain on a shelf for months at a time and they can be wasted really which is why you should consider working with them again. If you have mustard seeds, curry leaves, and cumin seeds you can make some stunning dishes. checkout her latest blog posted at

Making Tasty Meals with Three Basic Ingredients

Three simple ingredients such as curry leaves, cumin, and mustard seeds can prove to be a real winner. You can create some stunning dishes with minimal effort and the best thing of all, if you’re working with a budget, they’re also ideal. If you wanted to, you could make a delicious spicy chicken salad for lunch or a light meal. The mustard seeds could be crushed and mixed with a light helping of garlic paste and nutmeg and rubbed over the chicken. The curry leaves should be crushed and mixed with a dash of ground cumin seeds and thrown into the salad ingredients. The chicken can be added and you have a lovely and very tasty spicy chicken salad with minimal effort.

Unleash Your Creativity

A lot of people would think working with minimal ingredients such as the three here might sound impossible but it’s actually possible. You can create a whole host of delicious and tasty dishes without putting in too much effort. It is possible and as long as you can think up of some new ideas you can enjoy your creations. Organic turmeric powder can always add a bit of spice and if you want to give your three ingredients a bigger kick, turmeric is the way to go and other spices online. However, you can create some amazing dishes and even if you aren’t a chef or a big-time cook, you can still succeed.


Left-Over Dishes Can Work Wonders

If you have a few leftover dishes at home, you could look at working with these three ingredients to create a totally new dish. Cumin seeds, along with mustard seeds and curry leaves are all amazing ingredients and they are very easy to work with. Yes, you might think these limit your choices but they don’t. They can add the kick you need and get a few new and very wonderful dishes. There is no need to throw away food and it’s easy to turn them into delicious meals with little effort. visit their official website for more updates.

Enjoy Cooking Once More

Few people love to cook and spend all day in the kitchen coming up with new ideas but it can be fun and a great way to avoid wasting food. Too much food goes to waste and it’s very costly indeed. For most people they simply cannot afford to throw away food so looking for new ideas to use it is a must. Whether you want to work with organic turmeric powder, cumin seeds or mustard, you really have a lot of variety of products from organic websites and with some curry leaves you can go far.

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Sweet Cumin Balances the Spiciness of Peppers and Chilies

You might think you know a lot about cooking with peppercorns, chilies, and all sorts of ingredients but sometimes things spiral out of control. The trouble is when using spices things tend to move very quickly and if you aren’t at the top of your game, you’ll ruin an entire meal. While you may want to cook a spicy dish, you want to also ensure it’s well balanced with a sweet taste otherwise it may not be too enjoyable. However, if you are working with spice you must have cumin on standby just in case. get full information straight from the original source.

Try and Test

It’s so hard to find the right combination of sweetness and spiciness but getting the balance right is crucial. If you don’t then a dish can taste far too spicy and not in a good way, even if you love hot or spicy foods. This is a real waste of food and it’s really going to cost a lot of money too which is why you must look at the various spices and how to work with them. Testing the spicy combinations out will be the ideal way to find a delicate balance of what works and what doesn’t. This mightn’t sound overly appealing but it can be a lot of fun once you get started. Working with cumin seeds to help rebalance spices is incredibly simple and you shouldn’t have too much trouble either. What’s more, cumin is inexpensive so it makes a wonderful addition for getting the highest steam level.

Get the Balance Perfect

Chilies, peppercorns and cumin, they are all amazing ingredients to work with and you can get a lovely sweet and spicy combo going. This is what you want so that you have a great tasting meal that has you wanting more. However, if you don’t manage to get the balance just right you might find the dish is too spicy and if it’s too overpowering, you won’t enjoy. Blending spices together isn’t easy because there are times when you go too far and end up with something that’s far too strong. When this happens, the only way to salvage things is to use sweet cumin. This should rebalance the flavors and hopefully make your dishes spicy but manageable.

Spiciness of Peppers


How to Use Cumin?

Ideally, you must look at adding only a small amount of cumin seeds to your spicy concoctions. The reason why is simply because you want to add a sweetness to the meal but not take away the spicy element entirely. Cumin is also quite strong, it has a strong aroma and you don’t again want to overpower your dish with it. Cumin seeds should be grounded and added in small doses. It would be wise to also allow the cumin time to work into the ingredients and when it has, taste it to see how strong it is. If it’s still too spicy, you could add a small teaspoon into the dish until it balances out. read latest news at

Make Your Dishes Standout with Sweet Cumin Seeds

Cooking takes patience and sometimes it’s not something you love—but it is necessary. Using spices and herbs is great but getting the balance between them is a nightmare, especially if you have limited knowledge of cooking. That is why it’s always best to turn to cumin when in doubt. This will ensure the spiciness isn’t too overpowering and there is a nice sweet flavor too. Balance is key and with cumin seeds you can get that so enjoy cooking.

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Crack Open the Secret of Cumin for the Treasure of Health

Cumin seeds

Cumin and cumin seeds are a valuable spice in Indian cuisine. Cumin offers a beautiful taste and really adds so much to Indian curries and spicy dishes. In truth, cumin is a popular addition throughout the Far East and indeed South America. It is now making its way over to the Western world and is becoming a sought after ingredient for many dishes. Best of all, it can offer some fantastic health benefits and if you like the sound of that, read on to find out more.

Boosting Your Digestive System

When the body has difficulty with digesting foods, it can cause severe issues within the body. You can feel bloated, sluggish and generally down since you’re off-balance. However, cumin seeds can be a fantastic digestive which gets your body back on the road to recovery. A small amount of cumin can do wonders for your digestive track and give it a much needed boost. It can essentially flush the system preventing stomach aches and even flatulence. view additional details about quality organics.

Dealing with Hemorrhoids

Piles currently affect thousands of people throughout the world and they can strike at any minute no matter your age or status. When you find yourself afflicted with these, they can be extremely painful and even bleeding can occur. That is serious enough but it doesn’t stop there as piles can be very uncomfortable to live with. There are also many reasons as to why piles or hemorrhoids occur. However, cumin and cumin seeds are high in fiber and that can help treat the piles. Since the cumin can be used to help digestion, it can basically cleanse the piles which are very important indeed. These are painful things so treating them isn’t always too easy; with cumin, things can be far easier.

Getting To Grips with Sinus Colds

You might think a common cold is nothing to be too concerned with but when it starts affecting your nasal passages, it’s an issue. Congestion is a nightmare and breathing can become a lot harder for you too, especially when breathing through your nose. Sinus colds are the worst because you can often find it hard to breathe comfortably which is why cumin is ideal. Cumin seeds can help boost the immune system and prevent infections from taking hold. This is what most people require and it’s going to prove very effective indeed.

Cumin seeds

Benefiting the Skin

Cumin contains oil and it’s those essential oils which provide the skin with excellent anti-fungal properties. Basically, cumin seeds can be an excellent disinfectant for the skin and that can help prevent a variety of fungal infections. You also have vitamin E with cumin and it really can all go towards making the skin healthier and heal it faster also. This is one of the biggest reasons why cumin has been vastly used worldwide and why it’s sometimes found in creams and other skin care products. for more additional information and tips about spices sf, visit

Get Better Health with Cumin Seeds

Cumin does have a lot of uses and it isn’t just an ideal element for cooking, it comes with many positive health benefits as well. Using cumin will be very important and great for your body in every sense. Cumin seeds taste great and they will add so much to your health.

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