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 Over 200 Years of Family Farming 


Mason Farms is located in Williamson, NY, just east of Rochester, right in the heart of apple country! Our local farm has been family-owned and operated for over 200 years and we currently grow over 100 different varieties of fruits and vegetables which stems from our family’s passion for farming.

Backed by 8 generations of farming knowledge, Mason Farms understands the unique effect Lake Ontario has on local farms and their produce. This helps us keep our soil healthy, our fruits and vegetables full of nutrients, and our produce full of flavor that you and your customers will love!


We supply wholesale fruits and vegetables to businesses, schools, retailers, and more. We do not directly sell to the general public.

We work with local grocery

stores, markets, and CSAs in Rochester, NY to provide healthy local fruits and vegetables.

Since 2005 half of our farm has been Certified Organic!


As a USDA Harmonized Gap Certified Farm, we take your safety seriously and follow strict food safety guidelines.

Interested in working with us or learning more about our farm?

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