Our History

Mason Farms has been family owned and operated since 1811. The first Mason Farm was located in Pultneyville, New York, and operated by Joseph Mason after his service in the American Revolution. From there, the farm has been operated by 8 different generations of Mason farmers. Continue below to learn how each generation of farmers impacted the history of Mason Farms!


The History Of

Mason Farms

On top of farming, Amasa and his wife ran The Gibbs Inn which was a halfway station for stagecoaches between Rochester and Oswego, NY. The Gibbs Inn later became the halfway stop for the trolly as well.


He married Lillian Kelsey in 1880.

In 1904 he bought the remaining acres from the farm he grew up on from his mother Iantha.

100 Years

Doug is the current owner and in his lifetime, so far, he has added about 500 acres to the farm. 


Mason Farms became organically certified by NOFA in the early ‘90s.


Doug started to invest in innovative farming technology.

200 Years


Together Charles and Julia grew lettuce, spinach, potatoes, beets, onions, celery, and apples that shipped to NYC and Boston. They also started selling to local grocery stores.


With the help of his 2 horses (Peggie and Daisy) and an 8N Ford tractor, he grew several varieties of vegetables, apples, and cherries. He married Ethel in 1961.



Today, Mason Farms approaches 1,000 acres which include the original land of our ancestors. We grow about 25 different types of crops spanning over 150 different varieties. Doug Mason is the current owner of the farm and his father and children work alongside him.

Flavor is our main priority, so we only choose varieties with the best flavor. Mason Farms is continually growing and looking for innovations that will start the future of farming.